Past events

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Here are some testimonials from participants and practitioners…

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Verbal Aikido workshop experience. Luke’s training has enabled me to transform verbally aggressive situations into experiences just like any other.”
Luc Bizeul, Director Agoraction

Olivier Gourmet, Director Focusing Belgium & Luxembourg

“This technique allows us to be more serene in our personal and professional life; it increases our well-being, balance, and our capacity to be at peace with ourselves and others.”
Marie-Claire Bellier, Para-medical Teacher

“Today I am no longer afraid to ‘dialogue’ with people who attack me verabally. Before I had no idea how to resolve a conflict, but that was before!”
Alessia Vonau, Director Dileal

“Verbal Aikido is more than an indispensable tool for living and transforming one’s relationship with others – it’s a philosophy of life to be shared by all means!”
Michel Gervaiseau, Director Latitude Films

“Two days of Verbal Aikido. A practical and inspiring workshop. A powerful path in the art of communication.”
Guilherme Witte, Economic Strategy Designer

“Had my appointment this morning (the one I was so apprehensive about), and… they guy apologized! We split the cost, and I was happy. We left… on friendly terms. More than that I was calm and in control during the discussion. THANK YOU VERBAL AIKIDO!!!”
Carol Bausor, Director ILTC

“Simply put, Verbal Aikido enables us to manage difficult situations both easily and effectively, bringing about a benefit for all involved.”
Georges-Eric Leroux, International Training Director


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