VAP Tour venue inscription

The last stage of the 2017 Verbal Aikido for Peace tour takes place in Iwama, Japan on November 5th, before returning to Lyon Nov 11th & 12th and the final workshop on December 9th & 10th in Paris.

The next tour – The “Hug the World Tour” is scheduled to kick off for 23 destinations (confirmed in bold below) on July 20th 2018 for 6 stages:


Asia : July 7th-10th: Tokyo*, Iwama*

Oceania : July 20th-29th: Melbourne, New Caledonia*, Fiji*

Central Europe : August 16th- September 3rd: Lyon, Paris, Liège, Amsterdam*, Hamburg, Bonn*, Geneva*

Meditteranean & Middle East : October 4th-18th : Rome*, Tunis, Lisbon

North America :   20th October – 2nd December : Houston, Mexico*, San Matteo, Montréal*

UK & Ireland : 8th-20th of December : London, Cambridge, Belfast*, Dublin*.

* to be confirmed

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