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Bring Verbal Aikido® training to your workplace

“A genuine team-building experience.”

Since 2009, thousands of individuals have been trained up, and continue to learn Verbal Aikido®

What our clients say…

Verbal Aikido®

A practical learning experience

Our workshops give you concrete techniques to quickly de-escalate difficult exchanges and multiple opportunities to practice.

Our trainers accompany you with your real cases and maximize your practice time on the “verbal mat”, right from the very first workshop.

You’ll come away with highly effective conflict management skills, directly applicable in your professional or personal life!

Impact and cost of workplace conflict

Up to 30% of a manager’s time is devoted to resolving conflicts! According to the CPP Global study (the publisher of the Myers-Briggs assessment). carried out with over 5,000 employees in 7 European countries, the US & Brazil:

  • 85% of respondents admit to being confronted with conflicts in their workplace,
  • 84% of which report low morale when experiencing workplace conflict,
  • 46% report an increase in sickness and absence from work,
  • 41% experience reduced quality in decision-making.
  • The average time an employee spends fighting in the office is estimated at 1.8 hours per week in the UK and 2.8 in the US.
  • For a company of 100 employees, with an average monthly salary of €3,000 net, the monthly cost of the conflict is €14,256, and the annual cost goes up to €171,072.
• What is Verbal Aikido®?

The Art of Peace

Verbal Aikido® is a registered trademark. This approach to conflict management is closely linked to the principles and philosophy of the Japanese martial art Aikido. Above all, Aikido allows us to protect ourselves and our “partner”… there is no adversary. Verbal Aikido is a learning of centered posture that connects to many techniques to communicate with benevolence.

• What happens in Verbal Aikido® workshops?

The objective of VA workshops is to get the participants started in reflex development… the type of reflex that empowers them towards constructive and clear communication. In an interactive and benevolent setting, participants learn at their own pace to recenter when they need it, to develop “enhanced” listening skills so as to better understand others, to recognize openings for effective expression, and to practice movements until they become fluid.

• Important information before you start

There are 6 levels of Verbal Aikido certification, from Novice Practitioner to VA Official Facilitator. Information on the price, number of participants, duration and content of the initial training (1.1) can be found above. For any other information, contact us.

• OK. I want a Verbal Aikido workshop at my workplace…

The satisfaction rate of participants in Verbal Aikido training since January 2020 is over 95%. Workshop participants score learning progression adaptation and educational quality of the trainer at 97% and 99% respectively. Take the time to share you and your team’s context and needs, in order to increase the chances of a successful training. NB: availability time: 2 months approx.

Here are some of the establishments that have trained up their teams in Verbal Aïkido®:

Verhaltenstherapie Falkenried
Hamburg, Germany

Coaching Academy
Tunis, Tunisia

Summer Healing Yoga
Melbourne, Australia

Educonnexion NGO
Montreal, Canada

Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas

Crèche “Petits chaperons rouges”
Lyon, France

Paul Portier Middle-School
Bar-sur-Seine, France

Rockefeller School of Nursing
Lyon, France

Saint Marcellin Hospital
St Marcellin, France

UEM & Efluid
Metz, France

Give your organization the ability to manage conflicts and verbal attacks with confidence and serenity.

Discover our VA 10-session team-accompaniment program

◦ No experience necessary
◦ Encouraging environment
◦ Fully interactive (online/on-site)
◦ Develop reflexes with regular practice
◦ Content adapted to participants needs

An Accredited VA Trainer will accompany a group from your organization.

Feel an immediate difference in your workplace well-being.
Give your organization an initiation to Verbal Aikido® now.

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